I have been made aware of a recent advertisement that appeared in the Tampa Bay Times as well as a number of other publications throughout the United States which offer us an opportunity to proclaim with renewed vigor that God, the author of life, is a God of love Who has endowed every human being with a sacred and inviolate dignity which bears His very image and likeness and which has been touched by the Incarnation of His Son, Jesus.  Together with the prophets of sacred Scripture, our Catholic Social Teaching heralds that God has known each and every human being from the time of conception within the womb and values human life from this moment until natural death.

Our Catholic faith calls us to champion a consistent ethic of life and to commit ourselves to working for a social reality which evidences God’s own preferential option for the most vulnerable. Therefore, the Church steadfastly and irrevocably condemns procured abortion as a moral evil which fails to honor that every human being is a child of God who bears the image of Christ.  Together with Pope Francis, we proclaim the joy of the Gospel which inspires us to show particular love, concern and care for the unborn and commit ourselves to reject contemporary efforts aimed at denying the dignity of these most innocent and defenseless among us.  Our conviction is that a human being is always sacred and inviolable in any situation and at every stage of development (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium #213).

Because of this consistent teaching of the Church, even any slightest inference that being “pro-choice” is compatible with Catholic social teaching is simply not true and is disingenuous. If those who paid at great expense for this advertisement in the nation’s major newspapers truly embrace Catholic social teaching, they might best have spent the money on post-abortion trauma counseling, residences for pregnant women facing birth alone or in desperate poverty, or providing for homeless families with small children bereft of employment and sometimes even hope. That’s what the socially conscious and committed baptized Catholic does and that is what the Catholic Church in America does.

Therefore, as we prepare for Respect Life month, let us re-double our efforts to be heralds of human dignity and commit ourselves to social action which seeks to ensure the protection of all life and to create a society which reflects and gives witness to the values of God’s Kingdom. There is no commitment to the common good if there is not a commitment to all life.  Below please find links to some of our Diocesan and National resources which provide us with opportunities to serve life and to learn more about Catholic Social Teaching.


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40 Days for Life:

Project Rachel Post Abortion Healing:

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